Niche Selection

By Gregory S Roberts

niche marketingCan’t come up with any new ideas for new or additional niches? This article will help you past the road blocks to niche selection.

When building a successful online business, it is important to have multiple sites, covering a variety of niches. This diversity is needed to avoid a meltdown of your business in the event one niche becomes unprofitable. You know, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Niche selection can be difficult at times, especially after you have been concentrating on one specific idea. Many people find it difficult to start a new website, especially after they have been working to build their last one. It is often hard to “switch gears”. This process can be simplified when you learn to use the creative side of your brain in conjunction with the analytical side. Niche selection is often times easier for those people with a creative dominant side brain. The analytical side becomes important when determining if a niche is profitable.

By this point in you career you probably know which side of your brain is your dominant side. This simple observation becomes very important regarding niche selection. If you are primarily a creative person, it is necessary to find and use the proper tools to determine if your ideas will be profitable. If you are primarily an analytical mind, finding and using tools for niche ideas is necessary and will lessen the stress and frustration of being unable to come up with new ideas. As you build multiple websites with different niches, it is only natural that these two sides of your brain will learn to work together, thus making your business easier.

When developing niches, it is sometimes easier to get past your “writer’s block” if you watch infomercials or read magazines with advertising. These ads will often stimulate your brain and you will come up with many ideas. You may want to carry a small notebook with you for your thoughts. I guarantee, you will forget your ideas!

When you are out shopping, what aisles do you gravitate to? Look around, these are all niche ideas. What products interest you, even somewhat? These are niche ideas.

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If you are like me, with an analytical mind, you will find it next to impossible to think of a niche while sitting at the computer. Your ideas usually present themselves while driving, watching television, walking through the mall, or even while visiting with friends.

Getting away from the computer for a few minutes will often “cure” a stuck mind. Get used to having your small notebook with you at all times when away from the house.

Niche selection can be far less of a “job” when you realize what works for your mindset and what doesn’t work. When you find the right process for you, niche selection actually becomes quite natural and easy. After all, isn’t that why we chose internet marketing?

To your success,

Greg Roberts

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